Required Equipment

Very little equipment is required for Taekwondo and Arnis training making a very affordable activity compared to other popular sports with expensive equipment. The following lists outline the required and recommended equipment for our programs. For details on purchasing, please visit our Pro Shop or speak to Master Amerson in the dojang.

Little Dragons

No additional equipment is required for our Little Dragons class. However, parents should note that students completing the Little Dragons program will likely matriculate into the Family Taekwondo program at Yellow Belt and require safety gear for sparring at that time.

Family Taekwondo


At Yellow Belt, safety gear is required for sparring. This safety gear consists of:

  • Headgear
  • Chest Protector
  • Forearm Guards
  • Shin/Instep Guards
  • Mouthpiece
  • Athletic Supporter and Cup (Males Only)


At High White Belt or later, it is recommended that students purchase a set of Arnis sticks for practice outside of class. Students 12 and under should purchase a single padded weapon for practice.

Strike RIGHT Self-Defense


Students in the Strike RIGHT Self-Defense program are required to have their own set of bag gloves to protect their hands during boxing drills.


It is recommended that students in the Strike RIGHT Self-Defense program purchase a set of sticks and a training knife for class use and outside practice.