Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness offers a number of programs to fit a variety of martial arts and fitness needs. Read below for more information on each program and how it can fit your needs. Contact us for a trial if you’re interested in any of these programs.

Monthly Programs

Family Taekwondo (Ages 6+)

Master Amerson with a family of students.

Master Amerson with a family of students.

Our signature Taekwondo program is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn traditional Korean martial arts together as a family or by themselves. Taekwondo training teaches dynamic kicking techniques to develop speed and power for sport and self-defense. Amerson’s Taekwondo’s integrated curriculum combines the core of Taekwondo training with practical self-defense elements from other arts such as Tang Soo Do and Arnis.

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Little Dragons (Ages 4-6)

Little Dragon Side Kick

A Little Dragon throwing a side kick.

Little Dragons classes offer martial arts training for students ages four to six.  Little Dragons classes reinforce life skills in a fun, supportive environment while teaching the basics of Taekwondo. Students will progress through the Little Dragons belt system and matriculate into our Family Taekwondo program at the yellow belt level or higher.

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Strike RIGHT Self-Defense (Ages 16+)

Defense against an armed attacker with a stick.

Defense against an armed attacker with a stick.

Strike RIGHT (Range Independent Grapples, Hits, and Takedowns) classes offer a unique, casual atmosphere for adults to learn self-defense techniques applicable to real life. Strike RIGHT combines elements of Filipino martial arts, Taekwond, kickboxing, and Jiu-jitsu to engage armed and unarmed attackers and neutralize them.

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Strike RIGHT classes once a week are open to women only to focus on women’s self-defense topics. Women comfortable working in a mixed gender environment are welcome at all Strike RIGHT classes.

Special Programs

Birthday Parties

Amerson’s Taekwondo offers birthday parties on Saturday afternoons for students and non-students. Each party includes:

  • A take home favor for all attendees.
  • 1 hour Taekwondo class with real board breaking!
  • Special gift for the birthday girl/boy.
  • … and more!

We’ll work with you to customize the size and details of your party. Contact us now for details and pricing.

Private, Semi-Private, and Group Sessions

Master Dan Amerson is available for on-site self-defense and Taekwondo training for your group. Whether your looking to boost your training, cover the basics of self-defense, or putting together a dynamic corporate wellness event or team building, learn self-defence skills from a proven instructor!