Little Dragons

Little Dragons – $99/month!

Little Dragon Side Kick

A Little Dragon throwing a side kick.

Little Dragons classes offer martial arts training for students ages four to six. Enroll your youngest students now to see what Taekwondo training can do for them. Watch your littlest ones grow as they learn focus, respect, self-control, and confidence through the martial arts! Little Dragons classes reinforce life skills in a fun, supportive environment while teaching the basics of Taekwondo. Students will progress through the Little Dragons belt system and matriculate into our Family Taekwondo program at the yellow belt level or higher.

Little Dragons also have the opportunity to earn additional belt tips through our weekly checkmark challenges which focus on traits such as:

  • Courtesy
  • Fitness
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Memory
  • … and more.

What Does a Little Dragons Class Look Like?

Don't Kick the Noodle

A Little Dragon works on kicking technique via a fun game.

Younger students thrive on consistency, and our Little Dragons classes leverage that. A typical class will have warm-up, stretching, two curriculum units, and an additional fun game if time permits. Students are reminded and encouraged to listen and follow directions to allow time for final activity creating a reward for great behavior. Here’s an example class flow.

  1. Bow into class and say the Little Dragons student creed.
  2. Warm up with red light/green light races.
  3. Deep stretching exercises for flexibility.
  4. Curriculum unit: Practicing self-defense techniques like Chop and Pop and The Frankenstein Defense.
  5. Curriculum unit: Kicking techniques focusing on foot position during side kicks.
  6. Obstacle course to finish with obstacles inserted to practice curriculum units like balance rings, side kicks to a bag, or troll self-defense while Master Amerson makes silly faces!

Little Dragons classes keep things fun and reinforce skills. Get your young one started today!

Please note that listed prices are for a single student. However, families are encouraged to train together at Amerson’s Taekwondo. Check out our enrollment page for information about discounts available to families.