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Top 8 Reasons to Start Taekwondo in Summer

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to start Taekwondo training. We took a few minutes to put together our top reasons.

1. A dobok, the Taekwondo uniform, is long sleeve, so you don’t need to apply sunscreen at all!

It’s also worth noting that our indoor facility protects you from the sun, but let’s not focus on that. If you go to the beach or the pool, you have to goop up with sunscreen. Taekwondo is great fun and exercise without wondering which SPF you need.

2. You can save all the boards you break from now until winter to build a toasty fire.

Board Breaking

Some young ladies demonstrating kyukpa.

Taekwondo training includes kyukpa or power breaking. Develop your strength and prove it by breaking sections of pine board.

3. Taekwondo is a great workout. We’ll help you get that swimsuit bod.

Taekwondo class will build core strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina. Every class includes an aerobic warm-up, stretching, core calisthenics, and more exercise in the form of practicing taekwondo technique. We don’t make promises on how soon you’ll get the swimsuit shape you want. That’s up to you and how hard you work!

4. The kids are out of school and you’re tired of them screaming in the house. Good news, yelling is encouraged during Taekwondo class.


A young student shows his kihap.

Physical power in taekwondo is combined with a kihap. Kihap literally means spirit breath. All your energy and focus becomes part of a loud, forceful exhalation.

In other words, kids, I want you to yell as loud as you can when you hit this target.

5. It’s sunny now, but night comes early in the winter. Start training self-defense to protect yourself from bandits, brigands, thieves, and scoundrels!



We spent a long time on thesaurus.com finding synonyms for this one. Taekwondo can also help you defend against highwaymen, desperados, footpads, crooks, and outlaws.

To illustrate the point, here’s a student defending herself against Master Amerson in full brigand regalia.

6. You know those stories where people punch a shark to save themselves? We teach you how to punch!

Great White Shark

Please avoid sharks.

We also strongly recommend that you stay away from shark infested waters. Taekwondo is an amazing martial art that teaches you to kick and punch to defend yourself, but sharks are amazing predators at the top of the underwater food chain. Err on the side of caution.

7. Some fashion guidelines say no white before Memorial Day. We think it’s good year round, but satisfy everyone by getting your white dobok now.

Honestly, it’s not clear where this guideline came from. A white dobok works in winter too.

8. Amerson’s Takewondo has a summer special! Sign up by August 31 and get a free month!

When you sign up between now and August 31, we’ll apply a coupon at checkout making your next month free!

Contact us today to start your martial arts training and take advantage of our free month offer!

All Ages Training

Adults and children can train together at Amerson’s Taekwondo


About Those Martial Arts Books…

I’m occasionally asked by a student or friend, “What’s the best book to learn X?” where X is some martial art or skill. There’s a real simple answer.

None of them.

There’s no way to learn a complex martial skill from a book. There’s just too much hidden knowledge, too much subtlety for it to ever boil down perfectly to some words and a series of still images.

That being said, I’ve got dozens of martial arts texts. Here’s a picture of my desk:

The books that currently live on my desk.

The books that currently live on my desk.

That image begs the question, why have them if you can’t learn technique from them? Those books are really good to remind you what you’ve already learned.

It’s really difficult to learn a new form from a book or to master a complex takedown. However, once you’ve seen it from an experienced instructor, once your body knows the motion, the book becomes valuable. Should my hand be on the sleeve or the lapel? Is that a back stance or a tiger stance there? Do I grab over or under my own cane? That’s the time that these books really pay off.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Taekwondo: Complete WTF Forms by Marc Tedeschi – Easily, hands down, the best reference for WTF forms you will ever find. Each form is presented in tables, summary photos, and then detailed photos. The book also presents applications for some portions of forms. My only criticism is that these applications tend toward the interpretation that blocks are actually blocks and have some very questionable explanations for things like scissor block, half-mountain block,etc.
  • Complete Tang Soo Do Vol. 1 by Ho Sik Pak – Not quite as comprehensive at Tedeschi’s book for WTF Taekwondo, this book is a great reference for Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan.
  • Modern Arnis: The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting by Remy Presas – This slim little volume is a great reference on the basics of Arnis. It’s wonderful, particularly for early learning, on angles of attack, disarms, and basic sinawali.
  • 75 Down Blocks: Refining Karate Technique by Rick Clark – Recommended to me by Master Jason Ladd, this is a great book to introduce people to the ideas of bunkai/bunseok. Rick Clark lays out 75 different ways that a low block could be interpreted. Not all are amazing, but seeing that amount of breadth in what is often the first technique taught to new students is fun.

Of course, everyone has their own list of critical texts. Use the comments to share your own.


Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Woman Escapes from Bear Hug

Woman Escapes from Bear Hug

The days get shorter. Cool weather is calling you outside. We’re losing daylight and getting ready for the hectic holiday season. You’re out in the dark shopping or going for a run. How safe do you feel?

In one seminar you can learn skills and techniques to give you an increased sense of security.

Master Dan Amerson is proud to present a women’s self-defense seminar focused on repelling and escaping common attacks. No experience is necessary as we cover how to defend against:

  • Bear hugs from behind.
  • Front chokes.
  • Arm and wrist grabs.
  • … and more!

The seminar will also cover practical self-defense techniques using everyday weapons that are already on your person, in your pocket, or in your purse. Yes, loose change or an empty water bottle can be an asset in an altercation. Time will be left at the end for questions from attendees to focus on specific attacks or other areas of concern.


Location: Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness, 10940 Raven Ridge Rd., Suite 120, Raleigh, NC 27614

Time: Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 1:00M to 2:30PM and Monday, November 14, 2016 from 8:00PM to 9:30PM

Experience Level: Beginner. No experience necessary.

Age: Teen and up

Cost: Free. Space is limited. Contact Dan Amerson to secure your space.

Contact Info: masteramerson@gmail.com or (919)307-KICK (5425)

Please note. All attendees will be required to fill out our waiver and release of liability prior to participating in the seminar. To review this prior to the seminar, please view it here.

About Master Dan Amerson:

Master Amerson

Master Amerson

Master Dan Amerson is a Raleigh native, husband, and father of a 4 year old daughter. Amerson’s Taekwondo was founded in 2014 to bring practical self-defense training to North Raleigh based on his twenty-five years of martial arts experience. He holds a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo, a first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, and over a decade of experience in Modern Arnis, a martial art from the Philippines focusing on weapon defense.


Knife Self Defense – Disarms – 4/30/2016

Defense against a knife attack.

Defense against a knife attack.

Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness is excited to announce a seminar on knife self-defense on Saturday, April 30th from 1PM to 4PM!

Defending against a knife is a daunting task as any mistake can be fatal. Proper training protects your vital areas and maximizes your chances of stopping an attacker. Drawing from the Filipino martial arts, Master Amerson will teach a variety of defensive techniques that disarm an attacker with a knife and give you the upper hand.

These techniques can be found inside the forms or patterns of other martial arts, so students of Taekwondo, Karate, and Tang Soo Do will find new meaning to moves they already know.

During the seminar, we will cover the following material with additional variations as time permits.

  • 4 Disarms from an overhead strike
    • Twist and Pluck
    • Arm Bar to Thigh Disarm
    • Arm Bar to Two-Way Action
    • Body Disarm
  • 4 Disarms from a low stab
    • Inside Pluck
    • Outside Pluck
    • Bicep Disarm
    • Backwards Throw
  • Disarms from the 5-6-7 drill
    • Bicep Disarm
    • Knife Hand Pluck
    • Snake Circle Disarm
  • Knife Tapi-Tapi and flow drills

Print out our flyer to share with your friends! All styles are welcome. Students should be 12 years old or older and have at least 6 months experience in their current art.

Register now below! Questions? Email masteramerson@gmail.com.


Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Did your New Year’s resolution for 2015 fail? Do you think 2016’s will be any different? It may come as a shock, but according to research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution goals. Most either do not have enough invested, get too busy, or simply give up.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape or spend more time with your family, Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness is the perfect place to help you achieve your goals and have fun along the way!

Exercise You Want to Do

Exercise and losing weight are the most common New Year’s resolutions and the ones most likely to fail. Why? Because gyms are impersonal. If you do not know what you are doing, you can easily injure yourself. Results can be poor, and sometimes working out for the sake of working out is just plain boring. Sound familiar?

At the dojang, you have a dedicated instructor and mentor who customizes your lesson based on your personal skill and level. As your prowess increases, so do your challenges, pushing you far beyond what you thought possible, while keeping your personal safety in check. Plus, the constant challenge of learning new techniques and responses to self-defense situations will keep you engaged while you sweat.

Taekwondo Teaches More than Fitness

Taekwondo is an excellent fitness tool, but it also teaches you valuable life skills. As you learn self-defense, you will also develop greater self-confidence by challenging yourself, confronting new situations, and progressing through the challenges of the belt ranking system. Having a purpose beyond merely exercising enriches your experience and the continued engagement makes it easier to maintain your New Year’s Resolution.

Make Family Time Your New Year’s Resolution

When you share a New Year’s resolution with others, you are far more likely to succeed. What better way to improve your chances than building your resolution around family?

Everyone can train together at Amerson’s Taekwondo from ages 6-60. It is an incredible bonding experience you cannot find anywhere else and your family will be healthier and happier for it. Don’t leave the family behind while you go to the gym or sit on the sidelines while the kids have an activity. Get on the floor because the family that kicks together sticks together!

Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness

Kick the New Year off right by committing to learn martial arts as a family with Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness. Join us to have fun, build confidence, get in shape, and spend quality time with your family. 2016 is going to be a great year!

Get started by visiting us at the Falls River Town Center at 10940 Raven Ridge Rd., Ste. 120, e-mailing us at masteramerson@gmail.com, calling us at 919-307-KICK (5425), or visiting us online at amersonstkd.com.


Parents Night Out

Kids! Want to join us for some fun Taekwondo, games, movies, pizza, popcorn, and more?

Parents! Want to leave the kids with us for some fun Taekwondo, games, movies, pizza, popcorn, and more while you go have a few hours to yourself?

Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness is having our first Parents Night Out on Saturday, July 25 from 5:30PM to 9PM. What’s going to happen:

  • Taekwondo class for beginners and advanced.
  • Pizza dinner.
  • Martial arts inspired movie.
  • Popcorn.
  • Fun games.

It’s just $10/person to attend. Current students, as a bonus, bring a friend for free! For more information, email Master Amerson!