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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Did your New Year’s resolution for 2015 fail? Do you think 2016’s will be any different? It may come as a shock, but according to research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution goals. Most either do not have enough invested, get too busy, or simply give up.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape or spend more time with your family, Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness is the perfect place to help you achieve your goals and have fun along the way!

Exercise You Want to Do

Exercise and losing weight are the most common New Year’s resolutions and the ones most likely to fail. Why? Because gyms are impersonal. If you do not know what you are doing, you can easily injure yourself. Results can be poor, and sometimes working out for the sake of working out is just plain boring. Sound familiar?

At the dojang, you have a dedicated instructor and mentor who customizes your lesson based on your personal skill and level. As your prowess increases, so do your challenges, pushing you far beyond what you thought possible, while keeping your personal safety in check. Plus, the constant challenge of learning new techniques and responses to self-defense situations will keep you engaged while you sweat.

Taekwondo Teaches More than Fitness

Taekwondo is an excellent fitness tool, but it also teaches you valuable life skills. As you learn self-defense, you will also develop greater self-confidence by challenging yourself, confronting new situations, and progressing through the challenges of the belt ranking system. Having a purpose beyond merely exercising enriches your experience and the continued engagement makes it easier to maintain your New Year’s Resolution.

Make Family Time Your New Year’s Resolution

When you share a New Year’s resolution with others, you are far more likely to succeed. What better way to improve your chances than building your resolution around family?

Everyone can train together at Amerson’s Taekwondo from ages 6-60. It is an incredible bonding experience you cannot find anywhere else and your family will be healthier and happier for it. Don’t leave the family behind while you go to the gym or sit on the sidelines while the kids have an activity. Get on the floor because the family that kicks together sticks together!

Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness

Kick the New Year off right by committing to learn martial arts as a family with Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness. Join us to have fun, build confidence, get in shape, and spend quality time with your family. 2016 is going to be a great year!

Get started by visiting us at the Falls River Town Center at 10940 Raven Ridge Rd., Ste. 120, e-mailing us at masteramerson@gmail.com, calling us at 919-307-KICK (5425), or visiting us online at amersonstkd.com.