Friends of Our Dojang

Amerson’s Taekwondo and Fitness is proud to be part of the greater martial arts community. If we’re not the right program or location for you, please check out our friends in the area.

Ladd Family Martial Arts – Master Jason Ladd teaches Tang Soo Do of the Moo Duk Kwan lineage and guided Master Amerson to his 1st Dan ranking in Tang Soo Do. His school is a great fit for adults, children, and families.

Kicks Taekwondo – Master Jun and Master Do run a wonderful Taekwondo program off of Glenwood Avenue, and Master Amerson’s instructor, Master Melody Clark, still teaches here.

Geoff Balme Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Professor Balme is a great BJJ instructor, and he’s also Master Amerson’s BJJ instructor. If you want to see Master Amerson swap his TKD black belt for a BJJ white belt, check out Professor Balme’s classes.