Strike RIGHT Self-Defense

Strike RIGHT Self-Defense  – $79/month

Self Defense Classes for Women and Men!

Defense against an armed attacker with a stick.

Defense against an armed attacker with a stick.

Strike RIGHT (Range Independent Grapples, Hits, and Takedowns) classes offer a unique, casual atmosphere for adults to learn self-defense techniques applicable to real life. Strike RIGHT emphasizes a blend of martial arts to give you the tools to engage in any scenario against all attacks. Strike RIGHT combines elements of Filipino martial arts, Taekwondo, kickboxing, and Jiu-jitsu to deal with armed and unarmed attackers and neutralize them.

Don’t settle for a plain old self-defense course, learn to Strike RIGHT!

What will you learn in Strike RIGHT?

  • Punching and kicking techniques
  • Escapes from common grabs and attacks
  • Basics of attacking with and defending knife and short stick attacks, the two most common weapons you could face
  • Throwing and sweeping techniques to put your attacker on the ground
  • Submission techniques to guarantee the attacker is subdued

What does it all look like? Here’s an example of a Strike RIGHT student attacked with a knife executing a defense, knife strip, shoulder hold, takedown of the opponent’s knee, ground control, and finishing with a rear choke. This technique moves from longer range knife defense to a close range takedown and all the way to the ground. The technique doesn’t end until the attacker is neutralized, in this case via a choke.

Knife defense.

Knife defense finishing with a choke.

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Arm Bar

Finishing an opponent with an arm bar.

Strike RIGHT Self-Defense classes are open to ages 16+. Students of other martial arts may be allowed in younger than 16 with special permission from Master Amerson.

Strike RIGHT classes once a week are open to women only to focus on women’s self-defense topics. Women comfortable working in a mixed gender environment are welcome at all Strike RIGHT classes.

Please note that listed prices are for a single student. However, families are encouraged to train together at Amerson’s Taekwondo. Check out our enrollment page for information about discounts available to families or to students of other programs adding Strike RIGHT to their Taekwondo training.