Class Schedule

Our daily class schedule can be found below. A PDF is available for download here.

4:00PM - 4:30PM Little Dragons4:00PM - 4:30PM Little Dragons9:30AM - 10:00AM Little Dragons
5:00PM - 5:45PM TKD - Juniors4:35PM - 5:20PM TKD - All Ages4:30PM - 5:15PM TKD - Juniors4:35PM - 5:20PM TKD - All Ages10:05AM - 10:50AM TKD - Juniors
5:50PM - 6:20PM Little Dragons5:25PM - 6:10PM TKD - All Ages5:30PM - 6:00PM Little Dragons10:55AM - 11:40AM TKD - All Ages
6:25PM - 7:10PM TKD - All Ages6:05PM - 6:50PM TKD - All Ages11:45AM - 12:30PM Strike RIGHT
7:15PM - 8PM TKD -All Ages (Green Belt and Up)7:00PM - 7:45PM Strike RIGHT7PM - 7:45PM TKD - Adults and Special Topics
8:05PM - 8:50PM Strike RIGHT - Women

About Our Programs and Classes

  • Little Dragons – These classes are for ages 4 to 6 teaching basic Taekwondo skills in a fun environment.
  • Family Taekwondo – Our signature program for students 6+ offers a variety of classes to teach traditional martial arts.
    • Juniors – Taekwondo classes that are tailored to 6 to 12 year olds. Older students may attend as student leadership.
    • All Ages – Taekwondo classes for all ages.
    • Adults and Special Topics – Adults only classes. Students aged 12 and up may attend by special invitation of Master Amerson.
  • Strike RIGHT Self-Defense- Adult self-defense in a casual environment that blends ideas from Taekwondo, boxing, Filipino martial arts, and Jiu-jitsu for a comprehensive approach. Ages 16+ except by special invitation from Master Amerson.
    • Once a week, Strike RIGHT is Women only to focus on women’s self-defense specific issues.